Brown Printing Company

Bindery Work Schedule
This is the Bindery Work Schedule for 4pm for the Front Nights and Mid shift on 7/29/2014. Would all Front Nights and Mid employees and the following overtime: Red 14, 38, 39, 42, 64 please report to work at 7pm.
All FN/MID Shift Operators, Freddy Mercado, and Travis Wetzel should report to work at 7pm. All HW/LGSTCS, Bridget Long, and Jesse Merkel should report to work at regular start time. Zulifikar Suleman will not be needed this evening and does not need to check any additional messages. We continue to look for operator and utility overtime to work this coming week. If you havent signed up and are interested in working, please speak to your Crewing Coordinator. Thank you for checking the BWS, have a safe night, and enjoy your weekend.